Vocalise version of Toccata No. 20 ”Distant landscapes”

For Choir and Piano

Thomas Åberg about his new version:

Some time ago American concert organist JAY ZOLLER wrote to me about my organ piece Toccata No. 20 – Distant Landscapes: 

”I have given much thought to the subtitle “Distant Landscapes”. Many people in Maine where I live think of the ocean when they hear this term – the vast distances stretching off as far as you can see. The interesting thing for me is that, having  grown up on the prairie in Wyoming, I see in my mind the great distances with its undulating surfaces; I can hear the birds calling from the grasses and even see the antelope grazing a couple miles off across the landscape. There are a multitude of things happening out there which you hear in the music, but cannot see, even the warning rattle of a nearby rattlesnake!” 

(Jay Zoller)

This statement became the starting point to me to write this vocalise version of my toccata with JAY ZOLLER’s impressions woven in as fragments. 

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Download sheet music for free (PDF):


Part = Piano

Part = Choir

Also available to order as printed copies from: Svensk Musik

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