Important collaborations – CARSON COOMAN

Visiting Carson Cooman at Harvard University

September 23–28, 2015. Photos & videos by Nida

Carson Cooman is an American composer with a catalog of hundreds of works in many forms—from solo instrumental pieces to operas, and from orchestral works to hymn tunes. His music has been performed on all six inhabited continents in venues that range from the stage of Carnegie Hall to the basket of a hot air balloon. Cooman’s music appears on over forty recordings, including more than twenty complete CDs on on the Naxos, Albany, Artek, Gothic, Divine Art, Métier, Diversions, Convivium, Altarus, MSR Classics, Raven, and Zimbel labels.

Since 2006, Cooman has held the position of Composer in Residence at The Memorial Church, Harvard University. From 2008-11, he also served as Composer in Residence to the Cathedral Church of St. Paul in Boston, Massachusetts.

Listen to some of Carson Cooman’s works.

In the fall of 2011, Carson Cooman began a project to create online demonstration recordings of organ repertoire by 20th and 21st century composers. The pieces chosen are primarily short works that are accessible and useful to organists of all skill levels, for either service or recital playing. The project includes over 70 of Åberg’s works.

Read more and listen.

Morning Prayers at Harvard Memorial Church.

Carson Cooman is probably the most important person in Åberg’s career through a numerous recordings and live performances with Åberg’s music.

During the visit he gave Thomas the opportunity to play two of his works at the Morning Prayers at Harvard Memorial Church on September 26, 2015.

Harvard Memorial Church on Soundcloud:

Listen to the complete Morning Prayers on September 26, 2015

(Carson Cooman, main organist & Thomas Åberg playing his own works)

Read more about the organs at Harvard.

James D. Hicks joins for lunch in Boston

American concert organist James D. Hicks joins for lunch in Boston and presents his new CD, Nordic Journey Volume V – “Many Landscapes” – which includes Åberg’s Toccata XIII (2013) – dedicated to Hicks.

James D. Hicks have specialized in Nordic organ music and is also one of the most important organists in Åberg’s career through his recordings and live performances with Åberg’s music.

Read more about his recordings with Nordic organ music on his website.

First Unitarian Society in Newton

Carson gave also Thomas the opportunity to play the prelude and postlude to the Sunday Service at The First Unitarian Society in Newton, West Newton, MA.


Website of Carson Cooman
Website of James D. Hicks
Website of Harvard Memorial Church

March 2018

Thomas Åberg: Today I got a Wonderful gift from Carson Cooman on my 40th anniversary as composer-organist:

Carson Cooman — Toccata in C (2018) for organ

Carson Cooman writes:

”Toccata in C” (2018) is dedicated to Thomas Åberg on the occasion of his 40th anniversary as a composer and organist. The piece is an ebullient burst of energy, with some of the spirit of Åberg’s own extensive cycle of organ toccatas. Thomas has been an inspiration to me, both musically and personally, and it is a joy to pay tribute to him on his significant milestone with this work.

Listen on YouTube

”Thank you so much dear Carson for remembering my 40th anniversary as a composer/organist! I feel very, very honored! Thanks for this lovely piece and for all your friendship and support!” /Thomas

May 2018

Sheet music project

Read more

June 2022

Happy Birthday Carson!!!

On A Sunny Day In Rochester by Thomas Åberg

To Carson Cooman on his birthday June 12th 2022

Listen on YouTube

July 2023

USA-Premiere: ”Judge Not One Another” for soprano and organ

Harvard Memorial Church, Harvard University, July 23, 2023

Carson Cooman and Olympia Hatzilambrou


Listen on YouTube

Playlist on YouTube with Carson Cooman

Including a conversation with Thomas Åberg

Listen on YouTube

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