YouTube updated: Organ Suite No. 3 -The Composer playing

Organ Suite No. 3 (1983)

The Composer playing at the great Grönlund organ in Engelbrektskyrkan, Stockholm. Recorded June 14, 2024.

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Thomas Åberg about the piece:

I wrote this piece in 1983 when I just finished my studies with Stig Gustav Schönberg. I premiered the suite in Sofia kyrka in Stockholm March 17, 1984. A few months later Mark Falsjö performed the piece at the great organ in Stockholm Concert Hall (October 19, 1984). In 2012 I made a few minor adjustments and in 2018 a new fresh score was published thanks to editor Carson Cooman (USA).
The piece has four movements: Prelude-Toccata-Meditation and Finale.

Sheet music published by Svensk Musik – Swedish Music Information Centre.

Photo from the early 80’s when I wrote this piece:

Thomas Åberg: More hair – less fat!

Photographer: Björn Skylling Pahlberg

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