PHILIP HARTMANN plays Wedding Music in Pauluskirche, Ulm

PHILIP HARTMANN in Pauluskirche, Ulm, Germany

Swedish Wedding Music #1 – ”Svensk bröllopsmusik”

PHILIP HARTMANN playing Swedish Wedding Music #1 ”Svensk bröllopsmusik” (1985) by Thomas Åberg. Sheet music published by Noteria förlag under the title ”Svensk bröllopsmusik” (www.noteria.se).

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(In Germany performed under the title ”Schwedische Hochzeitsmusik”)

Swedish Wedding Music #2 – ”Seglora kyrkmarsch”

PHILIP HARTMANN playing Swedish Wedding Music #2 ”Seglora kyrkmarsch” (2004) by Thomas Åberg. This piece was written on commission for the inauguration of the complementary organ in Seglora kyrka at Skansen in Stockholm, 2004.

Sheet music to this short wedding version can be free downloaded here.

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Recordings made by Rolf Baeuerle & photos by Martina Dach.

Read more about the organ in Pauluskirche: https://orgel-pauluskirche-ulm.de/

Special thanks!!!

Special thanks to Philip Hartmann for these excellent interpretations!

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