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YouTube updated: Organ Suite No. 3 -The Composer playing

Organ Suite No. 3 (1983)

The Composer playing at the great Grönlund organ in Engelbrektskyrkan, Stockholm. Recorded June 14, 2024.

Listen on YouTube

Thomas Åberg about the piece:

I wrote this piece in 1983 when I just finished my studies with Stig Gustav Schönberg. I premiered the suite in Sofia kyrka in Stockholm March 17, 1984. A few months later Mark Falsjö performed the piece at the great organ in Stockholm Concert Hall (October 19, 1984). In 2012 I made a few minor adjustments and in 2018 a new fresh score was published thanks to editor Carson Cooman (USA).
The piece has four movements: Prelude-Toccata-Meditation and Finale.

Sheet music published by Svensk Musik – Swedish Music Information Centre.

Photo from the early 80’s when I wrote this piece:

Thomas Åberg: More hair – less fat!

Photographer: Björn Skylling Pahlberg

Music for the Midsummer-night: Toccata No. 13 – The Composer playing

Music for the Swedish Midsummer-night

Thomas Åberg: Toccata No. 13 (2013). The Composer playing at the great Grönlund organ in Engelbrektskyrkan, Stockholm.

Video on YouTube

Recorded June 14, 2024.

The piece is dedicated to American concert organist James D. Hicks and is about the Swedish midsummer night and all its mysteries.

Sheet music published by Norsk Musikforlag AS

Photo: Thomas Åberg

All Saints Episcopal Church, Northfield, Minnesota (Jay Zoller, organist)

Celebration of the Holy Eucharist


June 30, 2024

Detailed program (PDF)

Sunday Sonata, I folkton & Toccata XVI

Organist: JAY ZOLLER

Organ Recital: CARSON COOMAN in St. Nikolaus, Münster-Wolbeck (Germany)

Organ Recital – St. Nikolaus, Münster-Wolbeck, Germany

June 23, 2024: Works by Günther Firlinger, Felix Bräuer, Carson Cooman, Christa Rakich, Howard Skempton, Michael Parsons, Thorsten Benedikt Schwarte, Carlotta Ferrari, Karen Beaumont and Thomas Åberg (Toccata No. 9)


Organ Recital: CARSON COOMAN in Martinskirche, Bärstadt (Germany)

Organ Recital – Martinskirche, Bärstadt, Germany

June 19, 2024: Works by Christa Rakich, Howard Skempton, Felix Bräuer, Carson Cooman, Carlotta Ferrari, Michael Parsons, Yûitirô Katô, Karen Beaumont, Burkhard Mohr and Thomas Åberg (Toccata No. 7)


Upcoming Concerts: CARSON COOMAN in Pauluskirche, Ulm (Germany)

Organ Recital – Pauluskirche, Ulm Germany

June 16, 2024: Works by Günther Firlinger, Benjamin Righetti, Carlotta Ferrari, Howard Skempton, Michael D. Costello, B.E. Boykin, Karen Beaumont and Thomas Åberg (Sinfonietta)


Organ Recital: CARSON COOMAN in Ulm Cathedral (Germany)

Organ Recital – Ulm Cathedral, Germany

June 13, 2024: Works by Karen Beaumont, Howard Skempton, Michael Parsons, Frederick Frahm and Thomas Åberg (Toccata No. 9)


A SUMMER STORM for string ensemble (complete score for free including synth.-demo)

A SUMMER STORM (2017) 9′ – based on a poem by John Gracen Brown

Music: Thomas Åberg. Instrumentation by Eyvind Hallnäs

Thomas Åberg and his long-time friend and collaborator, composer and organist Eyvind Hallnäs. Photo: Margareta Hallnäs.


Listen to demo on Soundcloud

Download score

Download score here (PDF)

Download complete score for free.
Never performed live yet. Calls for an extra celebration when it happens!

Contact the composer for a complete set with the separate voices (PDF).

If you prefer printed copies, these can be purchased at SVENSK MUSIK – Swedish Music Information Centre.

Copyright © 2017 by Thomas Åberg

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Read more about the collaboration with the American Poet John Gracen Brown:

May be read here

The Poem

I sit alone
in the shadows
of the old house.

There is a silence
but a storm

The fragrance
of the summer’s
is in
the air.

The trees
shift and drift
in the rain
as if
to rejoice.

The heart
the storm
has ceased.

The storm
has stopped…
is gathering
once again.

The rain
in sheets
and the heart

that the rain
has come,
the air seems

The wind
slowly gathers
in the trees
and they
to shift

could be
more joyous
than sitting alone
in the silence
of this
old house?

Copyright © 2015 by John Gracen Brown
From poetry book ”The Retreat”
Published with all the necessary permits.

Organ Recital: CARSON COOMAN in Washington D.C. (Video)

Organ Recital – National City Christian Church, Washington D.C.

May 17, 2024: Works by Karen Beaumont, Philippos Tsalahouris, Carlotta Ferrari and Thomas Åberg (Toccata No. 9)


Listen to the concert on YouTube

Organ Recital: CARSON COOMAN in Marblehead, MA

Organ Recital – St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, Marblehead, Massachusetts

April 21, 2024 at 5 pm: Works by Karen Beaumont, Carlotta Ferrari, Katia Farn and Thomas Åberg (Five St. George Preludes*)


*Carson Cooman writes about the St. George Preludes:

”Five St. George Preludes (1983) is the original version of what would become one of Åberg’s most iconic works. The music was written during the period when Åberg was studying with the older Swedish composer Stig Gustav Schönberg. Schönberg was then organist of St. George’s Church (Sankt Görans kyrka) in Stockholm. Åberg’s first publisher of the time, Hans Busch, desired a shorter publication, and so the original second and third preludes were separated out and published later by Noteria as separate pieces. The remaining three pieces became Three St. George Preludes, as the work has been known since. This concert’s configuration restores to the sequence the two pieces that were separated: Marsch Babacou and Prelude in C major. (Marsch Babacou takes its title from the names of BAch, BArtók, and COuperin—composers that Åberg was thinking about at the time.) The first prelude contrasts flowing lyricism with lighthearted music. The second and third explore a more classical orientation, combining overt style elements and progressions from common practice harmony with Åberg’s distinctive spirit and musical ideas. The fourth is a gentle lullaby, and the fifth is a jubilant toccata.”

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