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New Hope for Soprano Saxophone & 2 pianists

LARS KRISTOFFERSSON, soprano saxophone & KARIN HELLMAN-GEWORKIAN & The Composer, piano

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New CD with JAMES D. HICKS – Nordic Journey Volume XI – Recorded in Pori, Finland

Nordic Journey – Volume XI – Nordic Anthology – James D. Hicks, organist
(Triple Compact Disc) Recorded in Pori, Finland

(Including Åberg’s Toccata XIX)

Label: PRO ORGANO 7297

Order from Proorgano.com (including track list)

Souvenir from premiere in Stockholm Cathedral 2019 (Toccata XIX)

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Celebrating his 40th birthday on June 12, 2022

”On A Sunny Day In Rochester” by Thomas Åberg

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PHILIP HARTMANN plays Wedding Music in Pauluskirche, Ulm

PHILIP HARTMANN in Pauluskirche, Ulm, Germany

Philip Hartmann. Photo by Martina Dach.

Swedish Wedding Music #1 – ”Svensk bröllopsmusik”

PHILIP HARTMANN playing Swedish Wedding Music #1 ”Svensk bröllopsmusik” (1985) by Thomas Åberg. Sheet music published by Noteria förlag under the title ”Svensk bröllopsmusik” (www.noteria.se).

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(In Germany performed under the title ”Schwedische Hochzeitsmusik”)

Swedish Wedding Music #2 – ”Seglora kyrkmarsch”

PHILIP HARTMANN playing Swedish Wedding Music #2 ”Seglora kyrkmarsch” (2004) by Thomas Åberg. This piece was written on commission for the inauguration of the complementary organ in Seglora kyrka at Skansen in Stockholm, 2004.

Sheet music to this short wedding version can be free downloaded here.

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Recordings made by Rolf Baeuerle & photos by Martina Dach.

Read more about the organ in Pauluskirche: https://orgel-pauluskirche-ulm.de/

The organ of the Pauluskirche, Ulm, Germany. Photo by Martina Dach.

Special thanks!!!

Special thanks to Philip Hartmann for these excellent interpretations!


Maundy Thursday Mass – Sankt Petri kyrka, Malmö

April 14, 2022: JOHAN-MAGNUS SJÖBERG, organ, LISA EKMARK, cello playing from FOUR SLOW PIECES for violoncello and organ (no 1 & 2)


Live concert: Norra Nöbbelövs kyrka

March 27, 2022: JOHAN-MAGNUS SJÖBERG, organ & LISA EKMARK, cello playing from FOUR SLOW PIECES (no 1 & 2) for vcl and organ.

Live concert: CARSON COOMAN in Ulm, Germany

Organ recital, Pauluskirche, Ulm, Germany

May 7, 2022 at 6 pm: Works by Carol Williams, Carlotta Ferrari, Carson Cooman, Tate Pumfrey, Bernhard Heyes and Thomas Åberg (Three Short Fantasy Pieces).

Live concert: CARSON COOMAN in Washington D.C. (video)

Organ recital, National City Christian Church, Washington D.C.

June 17, 2022 at 12:15 p.m. Works by Günther Firlinger, Carlotta Ferrari and Thomas Åberg (Sinfonietta).

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Invocations by Günther Firlinger (at 01:20), The Grave of Keats by Carlotta Ferrari (at 10:13) and Sinfonietta (Allegro – Cantilena – Intermezzo – Adagio – Finale) by Thomas Åberg (at 16:58). Presentation by Mike McMahon (at 00:12). Thank you so much to you all from Thomas!!! (Link to the printed programs at the YouTube Channel).

Live concert: PHILIP HARTMANN in London

Temple Church, London

July 6, 2022, lunchtime concert at 1.15 p.m.: PHILIP HARTMANN playing ”I Folkton”

Link to Temple Church

Live concert: CARSON COOMAN in Boston (MA)

Organ recital: Old West Organ Society, Old West Church, Boston, Massachusetts

July 26, 2022 at 8 p.m. – Works by Paul Fey, Carlotta Ferrari, Grimoaldo Macchia, Villemo Daneling, Larry Thomas Bell, Felix Brauer and Thomas Åberg (Toccata No. 17).

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