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New recording: CARSON COOMAN playing Toccata No. 7

Toccata No 7 (1984) – for manuals only.

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Published by Svensk Musik (SMIC) (https://www.svenskmusik.org/en)

New recording: CARSON COOMAN playing Fantasy on a Swedish Folk Song

”Nu ska vi skörda linet idag”

Dear Carson – Thank you so much for this wonderful recording!!! This piece together with the frog-song are the two most popular Swedish folk-songs/dances. We use them both at midsummer when we dance around the may-pole and at Christmas when we dance around the Christmas-tree. Absolutely brilliant played! Thanks again, dear Carson! /Thomas

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Sheet music published by Noteria Norbergs Musikförlag

Here is the ”Frog-song” played by Carson Cooman

Listen on YouTube

Sheet music published by Svensk Musik – Swedish Music Information Centre

Upcoming Recital: CARSON COOMAN in Washington D.C.

Organ Recital – National City Christian Church, Washington D.C.

May 17, 2024: Works by Karen Beaumont, Philippos Tsalahouris, Carlotta Ferrari and Thomas Åberg (Toccata No. 9)


Upcoming Recital: CARSON COOMAN in Marblehead, MA

Organ Recital – St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, Marblehead, Massachusetts

April 21, 2024 at 5 pm: Works by Karen Beaumont, Carlotta Ferrari, Katia Farn and Thomas Åberg (Five St. George Preludes*)


*Carson Cooman writes about the St. George Preludes:

”Five St. George Preludes (1983) is the original version of what would become one of Åberg’s most iconic works. The music was written during the period when Åberg was studying with the older Swedish composer Stig Gustav Schönberg. Schönberg was then organist of St. George’s Church (Sankt Görans kyrka) in Stockholm. Åberg’s first publisher of the time, Hans Busch, desired a shorter publication, and so the original second and third preludes were separated out and published later by Noteria as separate pieces. The remaining three pieces became Three St. George Preludes, as the work has been known since. This concert’s configuration restores to the sequence the two pieces that were separated: Marsch Babacou and Prelude in C major. (Marsch Babacou takes its title from the names of BAch, BArtók, and COuperin—composers that Åberg was thinking about at the time.) The first prelude contrasts flowing lyricism with lighthearted music. The second and third explore a more classical orientation, combining overt style elements and progressions from common practice harmony with Åberg’s distinctive spirit and musical ideas. The fourth is a gentle lullaby, and the fifth is a jubilant toccata.”

New recording: CARSON COOMAN playing Lento (1984/91)

Recorded December 2023

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Sheet music published by Noteria-Norbergs Musikförlag

USA-Premiere: ”Judge Not One Another” for soprano and organ (video)

Harvard Memorial Church, Harvard University

Carson Cooman and Olympia Hatzilambrou

Sunday Service, July 23, 2023, 11 am

The Service includes works by Karen Beaumont (Toccata, Interlude and Fugue, Air) and Thomas Åberg (Judge Not One Another – Romans 14:7-10, 15: 1-7, Toccata No. 5).


Detailed program (PDF)

Listen to live recording on YouTube

Read more about:

Carson Cooman

Olympia Hatzilambrou

Karen Beaumont

Thomas to Carson before the premiere:

”I want a picture of you and Olympia – but nothing too serious. More like my motto as composer – Feel free – Have fun!”

And here it came – I just love it!!!

Carson Cooman and Olympia Hatzilambrou

ZOOM-conversation with CARSON COOMAN (video)

Recorded August 2023

Listen on YouTube

Vocalise version of Toccata No. 20 ”Distant landscapes”

For Choir and Piano

Thomas Åberg about his new version:

Some time ago American concert organist JAY ZOLLER wrote to me about my organ piece Toccata No. 20 – Distant Landscapes: 

”I have given much thought to the subtitle “Distant Landscapes”. Many people in Maine where I live think of the ocean when they hear this term – the vast distances stretching off as far as you can see. The interesting thing for me is that, having  grown up on the prairie in Wyoming, I see in my mind the great distances with its undulating surfaces; I can hear the birds calling from the grasses and even see the antelope grazing a couple miles off across the landscape. There are a multitude of things happening out there which you hear in the music, but cannot see, even the warning rattle of a nearby rattlesnake!” 

(Jay Zoller)

This statement became the starting point to me to write this vocalise version of my toccata with JAY ZOLLER’s impressions woven in as fragments. 

Link here: Listen to Synth.demo on SoundCloud

Download sheet music for free (PDF):


Part = Piano

Part = Choir


Also available to order as printed copies from: Svensk Musik

The Diapason

In June 2023 I found out that Jay Zoller’s letter to me also was published as a review in the organist magazine The Diapason, December 2020, Page 21.

New piece for piano: Autumn Colors – Yellow and Green

Will be recorded soon!

Autumn Colors: Yellow and Green (2023) for piano

Duration 8 min.

Sheet music from SVENSK MUSIK – Swedish Music Information Centre.

This piece is about the beginning of the Fall when the leaves start shifting colors from green to yellow. The rain is pouring and the season expands to its more dramatic part and we are all waiting for the red leaves to come!

Thomas Åberg, September 2023

New piece for piano: Five New Miniatures

Will be recorded soon!

Five New Miniatures made in 1985 for organ – NOW in a version for piano (2023).

Duration ca. 5 min.

Sheet music from SVENSK MUSIK – Swedish Music Information Centre.

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