Celebrating 35 years with publisher Noteria/Norbergs

Early years – Publishers

Thomas Åberg began composing in the mid-1970s, and his début came in 1978 with a performance of music by the keen young enthusiasts of the Skeppsholm Group which was then active. From the beginning he had none thoughts that his music would be performed by musicians outside this group. But after composition studies with Stig Gustav Schönberg 1981-83 his works were noticed by organists such as Gotthard Arnér, Lennart Svegelius, Per Thunarf who performed several of them at their concerts.

1984 – First publishing contract

Hans Busch Musikförlag (Fantasy A-Minor)

1984 – Stockholm Concert Hall

Mark Falsjö performed Organ Suite No. 3 in Stockholm Concert Hall 1984.

1985 – Recordings (LP)

Artist: Mark Falsjö (Fantasy A-Minor) Label: Uriel LP8, 1985.

Artist: Per Thunarf (Toccata No. 1 ”Toccata on a Summer Morning”, Nocturne, Toccata No. 6 ”Toccata S:ta Clara”) Label: WISLP 638.

1985-1993 General Contract with Noteria

First release: Toccata No. 6 ”Toccata Sancta Clara” – written for Per Thunarf

2020 – Noteria currently represents 39 of Åberg’s works.

Link to work list at Noteria Förlag

NOTE: In the late 1990’s the catalogue with Hans Busch Musikförlag was transferred to Sweden Music/PolyGram, later to Universal Music Publishing and in the early 2000’s to SVENSK MUSIK – Swedish Music Information Centre.

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